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It all started twenty two years ago: a small Canadian ski town, a honeymoon and a coupe salad plate. Who knew what that little plate would set into motion ... 

Up until that trip, I hadn't considered myself a true Creative. I had a marketing degree and worked for a non profit in a position that fit me perfectly: grant writing (I love writing), fundraising (I'm good at asking for things) and event planning (who doesn't want to throw parties?). It was after that trip that my entrepreneurial interest (thanks mom and dad!) and creativity (thanks Grammie!) collided into an awesome adventure. My first pottery painting studio opened in Jacksonville, FL in 1997. After 21 years in the pottery painting industry, I recently sold my second studio in Charlotte, NC. 


Most days you can find me working on my coaching business, shuttling my teen son to school and sports (my daughter is in college - go ECU!) and, of course, making plenty of time to cuddle with our two rescue cats.


I've been asked to speak and teach at industry events and seminars. I've written business and marketing articles for the studio industry's magazine. I've had the privilege to consult with studio owners, helping open new pottery studios and develop marketing strategies.

I'd love to help your business, association or group. Please email or call, 704-619-2489. Thank you!

Hillary Moulliet